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2022/09/22 BY CHRIS PATTEN

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Nathan Law, a pro-democracy activist now driven into exile, is one of the leaders of the generation of young people in Hong Kong who oppose the crushing by Beijing of the rule of law and the liberties of an open society in Hong Kong...

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Speech at Washington & Jefferson College 2022 Commencement

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BBC Outlook - From 'half-nerd' to Hong Kong student leader
2021/12/10 BBC 

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Democracy activist Law urges Hong Kong voters to ignore Dec. 19 election
2021/12/04 Reuters

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Nathan Law: Democracy is not only Hong Kong's fight
2021/11/08 CNN


‘Wanted’ activist Nathan Law and EU MPs protest in Rome following University of Hong Kong’s move to remove Tiananmen Massacre statue
2021/11/29 HKFP

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Seen as contenders for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize: Climate, vaccines, press freedom and opposition activists
2021/10/07 WashingtonPost

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Hong Kong Activist Nathan Law on Pro-Democracy Movement
2021/04/26 Bloomberg

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Excl: Hong Kong activist Nathan Law slams firms ‘colluding’ with Beijing
2021/01/21 City AM

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Nathan Law: 'No one knows when I can go back to Hong Kong'
2020/12/05 Guardian

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Nathan Law: ‘My existence is a warning signal: the Hong Kong you knew is gone’
2020/07/18 Times


Start the Week - Resistance
2022/04/04 BBC Radio 4


Who’s Afraid of Nathan Law? China
2021/12/09 WSJ

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“I’m Not Entitled To Lose Hope”: The Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Campaigner On Life In Exile
2021/11/09 Vogue

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Hong Kong activist presents ‘Freedom’ book in UK
2021/11/05 Malay Mail

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Interview: Nathan Law
2021/08/01 Chatham House

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Nathan Law: «L’autonomie de Hongkong, c’est fini»
2021/11/08 Le Temps

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Nathan Law’s Warning
2021/02/15 National Review

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Nathan Law on life in exile and the crackdown on Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement
2020/12/03 France 24


Nathan Law says the battle is not over in Hong Kong
2020/11/17 Economist

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Pro-democracy activist, Nathan Law, explains why he left Hong Kong
2020/07/03 BBC

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